Company Profile

Professional Billing Office started billing for physicians in 1984.


Number of Existing Clients

PBO is currently providing services to 27 provider groups, consisting of over 60 physicians.

Current Location and Billings

 Offices are located in Sheboygan and Appleton, WI and Rockford, IL.

 Billings and collections are in excess of $ 4,000,000 dollars monthly.

Charter member of Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA)

Errors & omissions insurance coverage


The owner Richard E. Liddicoat is a CPA and has over 35 years experience in the health care financial arena.  Many of the current staff have been employed since the first years, and most have had previous healthcare experience.  David Paul Black, the systems administrator, has a large knowledge of hardware devices has enabled us to maintain and update our own equipment quickly and economically.  He has a complete understanding of the UNIX/Linux/Windows operating system as well as being a programmer for the software products we utilize.  Vice President, Larry Rammer brings with him a wealth of health care experience as a director of nursing, manager of a visiting nurses organization and administrator of a physician clinic.

Computer Hardware

PBO is currently utilizing non-proprietary hardware for its operation.  Non-proprietary hardware is readily available from many different sources at very  reasonable prices.  This has allowed us to have backup equipment available when equipment has malfunctioned.  We have also found several sources locally to service components, however, we have serviced much of our own equipment.  We have never lost a day of production because of equipment failure.

Our hardware configuration consists of a multi-processor servers with 4 gig meg of memory and 500 gigabytes of storage.  We utilize a DAT tape drive system for backup with offsite storage.  Our Appleton and Rockford offices are connected to us through secure VPN.