Accounts Receivable Management System

Providing electronic physician billing services with greater accuracy and faster returns.

PBO, Inc. strives to be "state of the art" in hardware technology.  The software is owned by our company which allows us to modify programs as required by third party payers or special report needs that you may require. We can also bill using your billing system if you already have one that your prefer.

What We Offer . . .

· User defined physician and resource templates

· Quick Claim Turnaround

· Minimal Physician Admin Time

· Clear, Concise Management Reporting

· Report Format Flexibility

· Financial Analysis Assistance

· Flexible Fee Structure

· Electronic Claims Processing

· Audit Control

· Statistical Management Reporting

· Managed Care Reporting

· Permanent Computer Data Storage

Flexible Fee Structure

We offer multiple tier fee schedule capability, such as Medicare, Medicaid, HMO's, employer contracts and commercial insurance.  The system can also accommodate a variety of fee calculations, including special discounts, time sensitive procedures,      relative value systems and fixed fees.

Electronic Claims Submission

We have provided electronic claim submission to governmental agencies since 1987, and commercial carriers since September of 1992.  This expedites the payment cycle to an average of fourteen to twenty-one days, which greatly improves your cash flow.

Statement Messages

A higher recovery rate is the result of system generated messages informing patients of the status of their account.

Cycle Billing

Accounts are aged automatically by insurance type through billing cycles.   Monthly statements are produced with appropriate messages.

Audit Control

On-line verification is used for charge, payment and adjustment processing.  This method allows for complete verification through detailed hard copy transaction journals.  Patient payment arrangements and credit balances are monitored by the system and  appropriate action taken.

Paper Claim Submission

We have the capability to print claim forms for instances that require attachments or additional documentation as well as for insurance companies that do not accept claims electronically.

On-line Patient Inquiry

Immediate access to patient account status is available through the patient inquiry display.  History, demographics, insurance, charges, payments, adjustments, on-line notes, billing cycle status and much more, are all a keystroke away.

Statistical Management Reporting

We produce a variety of detailed statistical practice management reports relating to the production of your practice.  These reports are designed to provide information necessary to establish control over the accounts receivable.  This control leads to a high collection rate and a lower net cost of billing.

Managed Care Reporting

Tread analysis reports; procedure code summary by physician, resident and CRNA; professional fee summary by financial class and by insurance; case summary by financial class and service type; payment summary by financial class and by insurance. These reports are customized to meet your specific needs.

Permanent Computer Data Storage

All patient accounts remain on-line in our computer.  This eliminates the need for storing paper reports or the additional cost of microfiche.  No time is wasted searching for an account, we simply press a button and the patient's complete billing history is available.